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Glass partitions have been used in offices ever since glass was used in the building construction. One definite advantage of glass partition is that it doesn’t inhibit natural light and enhances the aesthetics of the interiors. In the post corona pandemic world, the importance of glass partitions has increased. Today’s workplace is renowned for its open layout with minimal partitions. However, with the pandemic which has struck the world, many companies are forced to do away with the open and collaborative workplace layouts.

Social distance has been a norm in the post-pandemic world with most of the offices cutting down on the workforce at the office while a large percent of the workforce works from home. One way to bring back the workforce to the office is to have social distancing enforced using partitions at the workplace.

Some of the key advantages of glass partitions in a post-pandemic world can be summarized as:

  1. Glass partitions are aesthetically pleasing: Glass is one of the most suitable means of partition as it does not damage the aesthetics of the workplace, unlike any other materials. It enhances the style of the interiors and helps in building a modern workplace.
  2. Glass doesn’t’ inhibit natural lighting: The transparency offered by the glass is often cited as one of its biggest advantages. It doesn’t inhibit natural lighting and hence helps in reducing expenses in artificial lighting.
  3. Easy to clean and disinfect: Surface disinfection will be one of the most important aspects of the post-pandemic world. Glass partitions are easy to clean and disinfect using ethanol or bleach without any deterioration
  4. Flexibility in design: Glass can be cut to suit various dimensional requirements. Further, glasses are available in different types, shapes, and textures to suit varying requirements of interiors.

Many companies have already adopted such partitions in their office to safeguard the employees. Generally, social distancing means a distance of 6-foot between people, hence overall re-designing of the interior may be necessary in some cases. Retrofitting the interiors would require a proper assessment of the layout and re-design the layout if necessary. It requires an expert interior design team to suggest suitable designs of glass partitions at the workplace. The design has to consider the aesthetics of the workplace, the number of employees who can be called back to the office post-pandemic, video conferencing facilities, etc. Overall glass partitions have a good chance to succeed in the post-pandemic world!

Avian Inc supplies glass partitions office spaces in various designs and shapes. Partitions are available in fully transparent, semi-transparent, and opaque/frosted glass designs. Our team of experts is available to study any specific requirements and the designs can be custom-built. 

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