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Today’s workforce spends a considerable amount of their time at the office. Employees spend a good amount of their time on their chairs and are glued to computer screens. Poor posture and selection of the wrong office chair may result in backache, neck pain, and shoulder ache for most people. All these issues result in health issues for the employees and productivity loss for the companies. One of the solutions to these issues is to use properly designed office chairs. While there are many types of chairs in the market, choosing the right chairs needs a proper study of the specifications.

Types of office chairs

Office chairs are available in several different designs in the market. The selection of the right chair one of the many decisions taken by any company that is concerned about its employees. Some of the dominant designs of office chairs are ergonomic chairs, big and tall chairs, computer chairs, drafting chairs, executive chairs, reception area chairs, and conference chairs.

Ergonomic chairs come with many adjustments such that it supports varying needs of individuals. These chairs can be adjusted for seat height, back support, and lumbar support among others. Ergonomic chairs offer better comfort and flexibility to their users. One of the key benefits of ergonomic chairs is that it helps the users to keep the correct sitting posture. It also helps in reducing neck pain and back pain. Overall it helps to keep the employees in better health and supports improved productivity of the company.

It is a known fact that the heights and weights of people vary within a workforce. Some people may be very tall and heavily built whereas some may be shorter and lightweight. Regular size chairs may not suit bigger people while bigger chairs may not be attractive to smaller people. So, it is important to have chairs of different sizes and adjustments. Big and tall chairs are sturdy in construction and are suitable for tall individuals with a weight above 80 kgs.

Computer chairs are specially designed for computer professionals while drafting chairs are designed for art designers. Drafting chairs keep some ergonomic styles while offering better artistic movements for the users. It generally comes without arms and offers higher seat adjustability compared to regular chairs. Executive chairs have a better cushion and high back support. Conference chairs generally are forward-leaning types helping to be attentive during meetings. Reception area chairs are simple stationery chairs suitable for reception areas or waiting rooms.

At Avian Inc, we have a wide range of office chairs for multiple uses in the corporate world. We have been supplying office chairs to many companies, big and small, for many years. Our executives are always available to help clients if they need any advice on the selection of chairs.

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