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An interior designing and implementation project comprises many tasks. Each task must be planned and monitored for the effective execution of a project. Often clients employ separate professionals such as electricians, carpenters, and masons to get the interior design project done. This results in a lack of coordination between professionals and the end product may not be satisfactory. The level of knowledge the client possesses about the interior design and the processes will also affect the quality of the end product. The best alternative to this scenario is turnkey projects.

In a turnkey project, a contractor designs, plans, supervises and executes an entire project to give the desired results to the clients. The concept of turnkey projects has come up as a result of the need for optimization and efficiency in interior design projects.

Key benefits of turnkey projects

A turnkey project carries many benefits over a conventional interior design project with no central management. Optimum design, proper coordination, cost optimization, timely delivery are some of the key benefits.

Optimum design: Design is one of the important parts of an interiors project. It needs a qualified interior designer to study the client requirements and suggest a good design. A turnkey project contractor employs experienced and well-qualified people to design a project. The presence of qualified people in the team ensures an optimum design.

Proper coordination: The fact that one contractor is managing the entire project helps in better coordination between the vendors and professionals. It helps in better project planning and execution of the project. It avoids errors in design and project execution often leading to a better product.

Cost optimization: If a client chooses to hire different vendors and professionals for his or her interior works, unlike a turnkey project, the cost of hiring and services generally goes up. Lack of exposure of the client in the industry and ignorance about market rates often result in higher prices. Choosing a turnkey project may help a client to reduce the overall cost of a project. The manager of a turnkey project can negotiate with its vendors for a better price for their services. Further, prior experience in such projects helps the contractor to control the cost during the execution of the project.

Timely delivery: One of the aims of any project is timely delivery. A turnkey project often succeeds in timely delivery due to its inherent advantages. Better coordination between the vendors and professionals, better supervision and control in a turnkey project results in timely delivery of a project.

Avian Inc has demonstrated its expertise in executing turnkey projects in interiors projects. We have a team of professionals who design, plan, coordinate, control, supervise a project from start to finish. We have completed many projects of various specifications in both office spaces and residential real estate in Bangalore.

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