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A new era in interior solutions beckons. And who better than Avian Inc. to script new beginnings!! Our experience of understanding customer needs, through innovation and expertise means our products -Office Chairs, Fixtures & Interiors and Special Project Furniture's -are world-class and evolving with time.

This phenomenal drive to think new is ably backed by Personalized Service. The changing customer needs, competitive environment and respect for big brands calls for a younger & modern face of "Chairs Fixtures & Interiors" Hence, Avian Chairs Fixtures & Interiors. A perfect amalgamation of time tested values and contemporary outlook. It reflects the Philosophy of breathing life into monotony. It's Vibrant, Stylish and Comfortable.

We at Avian, transform your space not by imposing signature style; we at Avian define and refine client's requirements by providing personal attention and analysis, and exploring a wide variety of materials inorder to achieve both functional and aesthetic spaces.

We are well equipped to provide Sales & Service to all Locations.


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Avian Chairs

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