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Avian offers a wide range of office chairs. Some of our offerings include high back chairs, flexinet chairs, comfort chairs, sleek chairs, big and tall chairs, leatherlite chairs, visitor chairs, auditorium chairs, workstation chairs, economy chairs, lounge chairs, mesh chairs, spinal softback chairs, and matrix chairs. These chairs are suited for different customer needs and can be supplied on request. There several colors of chairs available in the above types which can be supplied on specific orders.

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As the name suggests, high back chairs support the upper back, shoulders, and neck. Such chairs are useful for people having back pain and related issues. Comfort chairs can be used for anyone who loves comfortable seating. Big and tall chairs suit taller and larger stature individuals. Visitor chairs are suitable for visitor areas, whereas auditorium chairs are suitable for auditoriums. Customers who are looking for cheaper chairs may opt for economy chairs. Other chairs such as matrix, mesh, and leatherlite indicate the type of materials used for chairs or design employed.