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Tensile structures are becoming an integral part of most of the commercial and residential real-estate projects today. Advantages of tensile structures such as flexible design, affordability, and lightweight construction appeal to the real estate developers. It is an affordable solution in providing shading or screening for office buildings, parking lots, walkways, food courts, and stadiums.

Applications and benefits of tensile structures

There are many applications of tensile structures in real-estate projects. It can also be implemented in already executed projects as retrofit solutions. Some of the key applications of tensile structures are:

Shading for office buildings: Shading adds to the longevity and aesthetics of the buildings. Since tensile structures are lightweight and are aesthetically pleasing, it finds good acceptance in shading applications for buildings. Designs are flexible enough to complement the existing architecture and are cost-effective. Further, tensile structures are durable too. Another advantage is that tensile structures can be constructed faster hence saves in time and effort.

Parking lots: Parking lots need proper shading to protect vehicles parked underneath. Often parking lots face issues in space which limits the scope of building concrete structures. Tensile structures are good solutions for parking lots as it needs less space to erect the structures and are long-lasting. Further, the tensile structures are proven to withstand wind, sun rays, heat, rain, and dust. Another advantage is that the structures are easy to erect and can be completed in quick time.

Walkways: Walkways is another key application of tensile structures. Shading to walkways often requires structures that use very little pace. Similar to parking lots, shading here also should protect people from sun, heat, and rain. Tensile structures carry all the advantages to offer shading of walkways due to their flexible design, durability, and lightweight properties. Further, tensile structures also enhance the existing landscape design.

Food courts: Today, food courts are present in most of the office spaces. Generally, these food courts are present at the rooftops. As space is often a concern at the top of the building, tensile structures, with their advantages in flexibility in layout design, help builders to construct food courts that utilize the space efficiently. The durability of tensile structures is another benefit. Tensile structures, being lightweight, help in easy installation of the structures at the rooftops. Finally, these structures are cheaper solutions compared to other alternatives.

Avian Inc has completed many tensile structure projects for both commercial and residential real estate in Bangalore. We have demonstrated our expertise in this field by executing tensile structures for many large-scale real-estate projects in Bangalore. Our experienced team comes out with a proper design for your project after studying the requirements meticulously. 

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